The Maldives, the sunny side of life

Corporate & Guest Speakers

Plus others to be confirmed



President & CEO

'If there is anything that sums me up,' Dan says, 'it is that I passionately believe in the potential inside people. Anything that someone else has done, you can also do. In fundamental terms, there is no difference between you and other people – the hardware is all the same – the only thing you need is a key to unlock that latent potential.'



Global Director of External Relations

Mihir has a strong track record of working with major global brands. He has helped them to raise their profile, influence the future shape of their markets and ensure that they are at the heart of political discussions. He is passionate about disruptive technology and the potential to change the way global business operates.



Personal Development Specialist

Andy is a proven business leader who is also an effective, motivational speaker and trainer. He has trained hundreds of thousands of professionals in Direct Selling during his career, speaking at over 260 seminars around the world. In the last year, he has conducted over 30 Live Seminars for LEO around the world and is scheduled to do many more in the coming months.



IT Consultant

Sohail holds an impressive track record of successfully and effectively managing IT departments including all aspects relating to HR, infrastructure/technology, software needs analysis, development, implementation, configuration and change management as well as systems support and maintenance.



General Manager LEOcrowd & LEOpropcrowd

David has over eighteen years of experience in Property Investment working on projects within the UK and around the globe. David is passionate about the Crowdfunding industry and sees the combination of Crowdfunding with Real Estate, as an exciting way forward for many Property Investors and Developers.


Join us in paradise for 5 nights and 6 fun filled days where you will be able to relax, party and get top-notch business trainings from some of LEO's most experienced direct marketing executives.


arrivals, evening Tropical party


Directors training & Welcome dinner


Main conference & Deep Blue party


Leisure day & Golden Lions Night


Leisure day & White Night Farewell & Reveal



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How to qualify

March 25 2019 - July 31 2019

To earn a FREE ticket and join us in the Maldives for LEO's 8th Global Annual Conference.

Here's what you have to do.

From March 25 2019 to July 31 2019, personally introduce 1 new LEO Member and help them get to Associate and you can join us in paradise! Get ready for the time of your life!

Full T&C's apply.


About our paradise Maldives resort

The Maldives once known only to honeymooners is now a must see destinations for the whole family. With its safe calm water, stunning marine life and beautiful beaches, the Maldives are a must see destination for the whole family. Experience this exclusive all-inclusive LEO event with everything perfectly arranged just for you, with LEO's usual top quality member training and exclusive use of the resort and amazing nightlife.

  • LEO Members and Families Only
  • Executive Resort & Services
  • 5 Nights & 6 Days
  • 6 days of fun & relaxation
  • World class member trainings
  • 246 Superior/Deluxe and Overwater Suites
  • 2 Restaurants
  • 2 Bars
  • 1 Pool
  • Explore underwater sea-life
  • Try local delicacies in the restaurant terrace
  • Crystal blue water and amazing views
  • Unique Exclusive Collection Manta Suites
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included
  • Open Bar
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Snorkelling & more
  • Night time entertainment
  • Fitness School
  • Flying Trapeze School

T&C's & Visa Info

How to Redeem Silver Ticket:

  1. This unique Silver Ticket gives the holder the ability to receive a contribution towards qualifying for the Global Annual Conference 2020
  2. This ticket is valid for new members joining LEO from 1/03/2019 – 30/04/2019
  3. Members may only redeem 1 silver ticket.
  4. The holder of the silver ticket may transfer the reward of 2500 RP to a new member that is personally sponsored between 01/03/2019 and 30/04/2019.
  5. This reward cannot be split amongst multiple people.
  6. The personally sponsored member must not already have achieved Associate rank.
  7. The distribution of the 2500 RP will only apply when the new member is 2500 RP short of achieving the rank of Associate in their weaker leg by 31/07/2019.

    When you have a new member that meets the above Terms and Conditions simply follow the process below:

    1. Email with the following information.

    1. a. Your full name and LEO username
    2. b. Your New Members Full Name, LEO username and joining date.
    3. c. The Unique Number Printed on the front of this Silver Ticket


    The RP Gift will be applied to the new members account after the 01/04/2019

    Once you have sent your application to redeem your award, this cannot not be changed or transferred to another member.

Golden Tickets:

  1. All members that have attended the Brazil 2019 GAC will receive a golden ticket. The golden ticket contains 5000 RP that will contribute towards qualifying and reaching the Associate rank.
  2. Members can transfer the golden ticket to a personally sponsored member (registered within the incentive period) who has not already reached the Associate rank and has a minimum of 10,000 RP in one team and a minimum of 5,000 RP in other team.
  3. This reward cannot be split amongst multiple members in order to achieve this rank.
  4. Golden ticket is valid and can be awarded in the period from 25.03.2019 to 31.07.2019

How do I qualify for this trip?

  1. During the qualifying period between 25.03.2019 and 31.07.2019 an existing member must personally introduce a new Member, and have the new Member raised to Associate rank.
  2. The sponsoring member will receive 1 ticket each time they introduce a new member who has raised to the Associate rank.
  3. Tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  4. First qualified ticket is automatically awarded to qualifier, additional qualified tickets can be given to guests on a room sharing basis
  5. A member who has qualified for their free ticket can invite guests on a room sharing basis, this will be made available after the qualifying period.


  1. Invited guests can buy in and join you on the trip, this will be made available after the qualifying period. The guests will not receive travel bonus for attending the event.
  2. Guests will be sharing a room with the qualifying member only. LEO will not provide separate room for guests and cannot guarantee reservation of a double or twin room.
  3. All guest tickets must be purchased by 31.10.2019, after this date no additional guest ticket purchases will be possible.

Travel Documents:

  1. It is the responsibility of the qualifying LEO member to ensure that their own and guests travel documents are organised, should any be required, any travel documents required will be at the cost of the members and not LEO.
  2. Qualifiers need to provide LEO with their flight details in time for the transfers to be arranged, flight details can be added in the LEO Backoffice.
  3. LEO does not offer the facility for attendees to arrive earlier than the start date of the event or extend their stay after.
  4. If we do not receive your travel information on time, you will not be included in the airport transfers and will need to make your own arrangements, at your own cost.

Medical and Travel Insurance:

  1. All Members and Guests attending LEO GAC 2020, are responsible for purchasing their own international medical and travel insurance.

Travel Bonus:

  1. Travel Bonus will only be awarded to qualifying members only, as a contribution towards the qualifying members flights
  2. Travel Bonus will not be given to guests of the qualifying members and non-qualifying members.
  3. Travel Bonus will only be issued after the qualifying members attendance at the event has been confirmed, the bonus will be distributed to the bonus account with 7 days after the event, a copy of the receipt shall be sent to
  4. LEO has the right to decide and change the limit of travel bonus given to the member depending on the country that the member resides in and the location of the event.

Hotel accommodation:

  1. Hotel accommodation for the duration of the GAC trip, including all meals, activities, luggage assistance and taxes and gratuities will be paid for, there may be additional costs for activities not included at the resort.

Airport transfers:

  1. Airport transfers from the airport to the hotel, including luggage assistance and gratuities for the driver are included. Transportation is offered for those travelling on the official event dates only.
  2. Costs to get to and from the airport in the city your city of residence are not included.

Luggage fees:

  1. Luggage fees will not be subsidised by the LEO company.

Transfer of Ownership:

  1. For a qualified Member position, transfer of ownership is not permitted until 2 months after the event.
  2. For a non-qualified position, if the ownership is transferred during the LEO Global Annual Conference incentive period then the qualification BP related to this incentive will be reset on both sides.

Redeeming tickets and Refunds:

  1. All awarded qualifier's tickets must be redeemed by the 31.10.2019. Tickets that are not redeemed will not be refunded.
  2. All tickets that are bought via the buy in option are non-refundable.
  3. No component of the LEO Global Annual Conference, GAC 2020 award (including airfare, hotel accommodations, meals amenities or events) for the Member of their Guest may be rescheduled, exchanged, transferred, sold or redeemed for cash under any circumstances (including rejection of visa application). Only the qualifiers of the incentive are allocated to claim the award.
  4. Any Member who has been awarded a place for LEO Global Annual Conference 2020 and does not redeem their ticket before 31.10.2019 or does not attend said trip on the dates designated by LEO for any reason whatsoever, forfeits all entitlements to any component of the award.


  1. LEO reserves the right to change the dates and/or location of the GAC.
  2. We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions at any time without prior notification. Such updated documents will be posted online at This document was last updated on 28/02/2019.